AccuTax Plus  is a  tax preparation service,  powered by UFile, which  you may use to prepare your tax return with the help of your advisor.

The AccuTax Plus service is a secure, reliable and easy way to do your taxes on line. It is also economically priced:

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Single return: refer to UFILE pricing once you log on

Entire family: refer to UFILE pricing once you log on

Taxpayers whose income is $20,000 or less: refer to UFILE pricing once you log on

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AccuTax Plus uses an interview process, which will collect the information needed. You can answer each of the questions displayed on the screen in any order and return to any input screen to edit or add data as often as necessary. It is not necessary to complete your return in one session - you can return to the AccuTax Plus service as many times as you wish.

Getting Started

Getting started is essentially a 4-step process to check whether your computer has all the tools needed to prepare, display and print your tax return securely, and to ensure that you are eligible to file your return electronically (if you choose to use NETFILE).

Here's what you need to do to get started:


When using AccuTax Plus , you have the option of filing  electronically or simply printing and mailing the tax return. If you will be sending  your return by mail, you can jump to step two.

AccuTax Plus enables you to create an electronic copy of your tax return, for NetFiling to the CCRA (the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency,  formerly Revenue Canada) and to the MRQ (the Ministry of Revenue of Quebec).

If you wish to file your tax return electronically, you need to verify whether you  are eligible to NETFILE to the CCRA and, for Quebec residents, whether you are eligible to NETFILE to the MRQ.

Please visit the respective Web sites of the CCRA and the MRQ to obtain details about electronic filing services. Note that AccuTax Plus   cannot be held responsible for tax returns rejected by the governments' electronic filing services.

To NETFILE to the CCRA, you will need a WAC (Web access code). To get one, click here.

To NETFILE to the MRQ, you will need an access code provided by the MRQ. Click here to find out how to get an access code from the MRQ.


  • UFile needs to verify some of your browser’s setting and its support of 128-bit encryption. It will also test for Adobe Acrobat plug-in which is needed to view and print your return. If your computer or browser fails any of the tests, do not worry. These limitations are all very easy to correct.

Click here to test your browser.

In case of failure, our test results page will prompt you to apply one or several of the following remedies:


Ensure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer so that   you may display and print your final tax return. If you do not, simply click Adobe Acrobat Reader for a free download.


Your user ID and password ensure complete security on the  UFile site. When you select them please remember:

Select a user ID that you feel comfortable with and that   you will easily remember -- your email address, for example.

In order to ensure the highest security available, AccuTax Plus 's configuration  will NOT allow it to retrieve the password you have originally selected.

Your password is your key to your tax file and it should remain completely confidential.

Your password must be different from your user ID and must be at least six characters.

Your user ID and password will enable you to return to AccuTax Plus  as many times as you need to in order to plan and complete your return.


AccuTax Plus relies on to provide the best security in the business.  We can assure you that only the strictest of  security procedures have been adhered to throughout our Web site.

For more information and specifics on the various measures implemented by UFile in  regard to your security and privacy, please refer to the following:

Help/Contact Us

AccuTax Plus is supported by both on-screen help and the UFile Help Desk.

Licence Agreement

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